About Us

Brokerslink was created in 2004 as a global network of independent brokers. Since then, we have integrated best-in-class risk expert firms to become a strong alternative to the mainstream models in the insurance market. Brokerslink was incorporated in Switzerland to become an integrated Global Broking Company with a shared equity among members. 

This allows the company to achieve the potential growth and generate new revenue by executing global business strategies along with the centralization of our services capabilities. We have strengthened the team in the business development and risk management areas. Our entrepreneurial spirit remains unchanged keeping the organization lean to stay flexible and responsive to our clients and business partners. 

As a global insurance brokerage & risk management services organization, we strive to provide clients with a superior experience in managing their risks from beginning to end with a solid industry expertise, a broad range of in-house experts, and an easy access to the teams around the world. We also build effective and transparent partnerships with the insurance and reinsurance markets, with a long term perspective and the continuous objective to provide clients with innovative and customized solutions.