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IIZI Firstbrokers Oy is the oldest Insurance Broker Company in Finland established in 16 June 1989 by the name of Ykkösmeklarit Oy. IIZI Firstbrokers Oy provide risk management and insurance broking services for 400 + Corporate and SME clients. At the moment, IIZI Firstbrokers Oy represents several large international insurance broker firms, either as a network partner or correspondent broker. It is nowadays owned by IIZI Group and local management. IIZI Group was established in 2001 and it is privately owned and largest insurance broker in The Baltic Region.

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General info

IIZI Firstbrokers Oy

Senior management

Jaava Myllyniemi
CEO IIZI Firstbrokers Oy

Global Business Executive

Kristina Kreisberg
Tel No: +358 400 414 645


Vattuniemenkatu 4 E, 4. floor
Helsinki Fl-00210
Tel:+358 206 192 29