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Daes London Market Insurance Brokers is an insurance brooking firm specializing in niche markets. We have applied to become cover holders at Lloyd’s for various classes such as Fine Art, Jewelers Block, Vintage & Classic Cars, Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Insurance, Marine Insurance, Bloodstock/Livestock, Special Risks. The establishment of Daes is to match our philosophy to foster, continue and build long term relationship using teams that do not change from year to year. We believe that this is an attractive model for clients who want bespoke insurance, unbiased advice, personal commitments and consistent service from dedicated people.

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Senior management

Stavros Kachrimanis
Executive Director

Katerina Kachrimani
Director Head of Business Development

Global Business Executive

Stavros Kachrimanis
Tel No: + 30 215 560 9912


Vissarionos 3-5
Athens 10672
Tel:0030 215 560 9900
Fax:0030 215 560 9909