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POLIPINS-RENOMIA is one of the top-ten corporate insurance brokerage in Hungary. RENOMIA POLIP Insurance provides its services primarily to the corporate sector, including professional organizations, government bodies and municipalities. RENOMIA POLIP provides an effective insurance protection to client on the basis of an analysis of its relevant risks environment and the comparative evaluation of insurance products available on local and international markets.

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Senior management

Marek Kalbáč
Global Services Director

Global Business Executive

Péter Takáts
Tel No: +36 30 931 9450

Jozsef Hegyi
Tel No: +36 23 535 313

Balazs Borbola
Tel No: +36 23 535 313


Erkel F. u. 18 Pf.: 83
Budakeszi H - 2092