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RENOMIA SRBA Insurance Broker SRL – Romanian legal person who has been operating on the insurance brokerage market since 1998. The company is currently enjoying a good reputation and professional recognition and an excellent relationship with customers and employees. SRBA is authorized by the Insurance Supervisory Commission under the authorization decision Nr. 12/2001, registered in the Register of Insurance Brokers under no. RBK-009/2004. SRBA has the sole purpose of conducting business consultancy specializing in risk management activities of insurance and closing seeking solutions to reduce costs caused by exposure to clients.

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Senior management

Marek Kalbáč
Global Services Director

Global Business Executive

Gheorghe Grad
Tel No: +4021 313 8393

Gabriel Orsa
Tel No: +4021 313 8393

Dan Stoian
Tel No: +4021 313 8393


Aristide Pascal Street, No 29-31
1st Floor, District 3
Bucharest 031443