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Filhet-Allard España is the result of the merger of Vip Broker and Filhet-Allard España. It is the Spanish subsidiary of Filhet-Allard Group, 6th insurance broker in France, specializes in business risks and social protection of employees. True partner companies, their teams structured insurance solutions to measure, making available their national and international capacities, their legal skills and techniques as well as an advanced and efficient information management, responding to the current problems of companies. Our international programs are an advantage for companies who want to enjoy the same benefits of services anywhere in the world. Filhet-Allard is a family company with headquarters shareholding in Bordeaux and offices in Paris, La Rochelle, Toulouse, Lyon, Geneva, Singapore, Santiago de Chile, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with a premium volume of over € 1,100 million and more than 800 employees, whose origins date back to the late nineteenth century.

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Senior management

Carlos Alonso
Corporate director

José (Pepe) Rodríguez
Corporate & International manager

Enrique Schoch
General manager

Global Business Executive

Enrique Schoch
Tel No: +34 913731794

José (pepe) Rodríguez
Tel No: +34 913731794


Costa Brava, 13
4ª planta
Madrid 28034