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RENOMIA is the leading insurance and reinsurance broker in the Central and Eastern Europe founded in 1993 in the Czech Republic. RENOMIA has a team of more than 270 employees in 15 branches in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Hungary. RENOMIA provides you with the risks analysis, selection of optimal insurance program, professional claims settlement and comprehensive services everywhere within the Central and Eastern European region. We bring to our clients the innovative solutions and outstanding conditions of their insurance programs. Especially the proactive client's care, professional assistance during the claims settlement and provision of employee benefits programs are appreciated at most. The client's portfolio consists of large and medium sized companies from all the lines of business and industry. Quite dense network of branches enable us to be "on the client's side" also in geographical sense of word. “Service is our passion.”

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Senior management

Jirina Nepalova

Global Business Executive

Marek Kalbáč
Tel No: + 420 221 421 792

Pavel Nepala
Tel No: +420 221 421 764

Alžbeta Gyulaffyová
Tel No: +421 221 421 711


Czech Republic
Na Florenci 15
Prague 110 00