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PCA is an Italian and international independent broker that has been operating in the insurance and reinsurance field since 1988. PCA is part of the Gavio group, operating in the fields of Infrastructure, Motorway Concession, Transport, Logistics, Energy, Ports and Shipbuilding. Headquartered in Milan, Tortona, Rome and Turin. PCA has in a single brokerage firm, all the best qualities of flexibility, performance, customer service, access to national and international markets, customer retention and low employee turnover. The most remarkable feature that makes PCA a unique company, in the insurance and reinsurance brokerage world, is the winning combination of its size, prestige and knowledge.

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Senior management

Roberto Armana
President and CEO

Global Business Executive

Alessandro Fiori
Tel No: +39 02 45385116

Brenda Maggi
Tel No: +39 0131 872526

Giovanni Roncaglia
Tel No: +39 0131 872546


ex S.S. nr 10 per Alessandria 6/A
Tortona 15057
Tel:+39 0131 872511
Fax::+39 0131 872507

Viale Isonzo, n.14.1
Milano 20135
Tel:+39 02 45385113