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MDS is the 3rd largest insurance broker in Brazil. Serving approximately 9.000 corporate clients and over 700.000 individuals, with 13 offices throughout the country, 450 employees and expertise in all kind of corporate, medium and individual risks. The services offered by the company include analysis, development and set-up of insurance and reinsurance schemes; maintenance, updating and monitoring of all kind of risks; advice in claims and loss control; consultancy and risk management in employee benefits.

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Senior management

José Manuel Dias Da Fonseca
Group CEO

Hélio Novais

Global Business Executive

Samuel Martins
Tel No: +55 11 3093 5421

Hélio Novaes
Tel No: +55 11 3093 5441


Av. das Nações Unidas
8501, 24º andar
São Paulo, SP 05423-070