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Cornes & Company Limited was established in Yokohama in 1861 and is the oldest international trading house in Japan. Under the leadership of its founder, Frederick Cornes, a young English textile merchant, the company began trading in silk and tea but soon expanded its activities to include other merchandise, and then shipping and insurance. The Cornes Group employs over 700 people in Japan and many more across its operations in the USA, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. In Japan, the company has five areas of business: automobiles, insurance, maritime, agricultural machinery, general trading and high technology products and services.

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Senior management

Kenzo Watari

Simon Wallington
Managing Director

Global Business Executive

Simon Wallington
Tel No: 81 3 5730 1618

Kenji Kobayashi
Tel No: +81 50 9012 2322

Natsuko Kashiwazaki
Tel No: +81 50 9012 2428


3-3-9 Shiba, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0014
Tel:81 3 6400 3745
Fax:81 3 5860 1565